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Q: Should I take my dog to the vet if he ate a bird?



Yes. I can add more detail if you’d like to know why, what to expect, etc. But the bottom line is yes.

And though no matter what I can’t give you any official medical advice (and any you get from a vet/tech over the phone will be to come in before they can tell you anything)…To really answer this well, this question needs a few more details:

  • What breed? Age?
  • Medical history?
  • What kind of bird, how, where, how long ago?
  • And what’s his behavior now (pacing, drowsy, lethargic, uncomfortable, or in any way abnormal?)
  • How does he look (eyes–glossy? fur–greasy, dull? poop–watery, discolored, otherwise abnormal? mouth–drooling, panting, foul breath?)
  • *Vomiting?
  • *Diarrhea?

*These two mean automatic vet visits in almost all cases, bird or no bird, as they can indicate something much more serious and effect a dog much more severely and quickly than they can a human.

If yes to some/most of the behavior symptoms and/or ANY of the physical symptoms, bring him in. But also get back to me with a few of these details, if you like, so I can try to help you out more. Feel free to add them here on or message me.

Don’t panic unless he seems really unwell. Keep an eye on him, and call your vet first.

Hope all goes well!


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