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Q: What happens when a dog swallows a whole rawhide bone?


Dogs, especially large dogs (but also puppies and any voracious, enthusiastic breed of dog) do not tend to “choke to death on it” as people below stated. Though this is a possible outcome, I’m assuming you’re asking because the dog you’re inquiring about did not in fact choke to death on a rawhide bone, but swallowed it whole.

In this case, he/she will probably poop it out.


  • If the dog is having trouble swallowing it or choking in any way: it will be very noticeable (anything from gagging to heaving to vomiting, or a clogged sound in its chest/heavy breathing/open mouth panting and wheezing) and this should be treated ASAP via emergency veterinary care.
  • If the dog is having trouble passing it you will notice:
  1. A change in behavior (lethargic, groggy, poor appetite, lack of responsiveness, acting ill, etc.)
  2. Trouble urinating/defecating, straining to poop (trembling limbs, diarrhea, no stool, etc.)  blood in feces, drooling, or otherwise abnormal feces. All of these should be taken into account over the next few days, no matter how minor. An upset stomach in a dog is harder to notice at times than in a human but always more severe than in the case of a human, and if not treated can lead to both expensive and life-threatening conditions/surgeries.

That being said, the pup should be fine if he/she is acting fine so far. Monitor closely. Keep in touch with your vet. Provide fluids and easy-to-digest food, without altering diet too much. (For ex, chicken and steamed brown rice, or steamed rice mixed with normal food).

….BUT NO MORE RAW HIDES! Especially not now. Look into healthier and more easily digestible chew toys for your pup, as well as toys that can’t be swallowed (like Kongs)




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