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Q: Question about my baby red eared sliders…

I have two little turtle children, and am moving them to my apartment on campus this semester. They’re pretty small right now, both are only about 5″ in diameter. Currently they’re in a 25 gallon aquarium, but I’m going to upgrade their aquarium when I move. The amount of space in my apartment is a little limited, but I definitely want my little buddies to have enough room to live well. What size of aquarium would be the best to upgrade to?


A 50 gallon tank should be fine for now. However, especially with two turtles, the recommendation you’ll hear from any vet, zoologist or pet store is a 100 gallon tank.

They will grow depending on the size of the tank, and a red eared slider in too small a tank is a miserable red eared slider. Red Eared Sliders suffer in confined environments, not only physically, but temperamentally–becoming nasty, anxious, aggressive and prone to more health problems.

Red Eared Slider’s really don’t need much besides space. Plants and decorations are pleasant, but don’t provide much mental stimulation, and block swimming space. Plenty of room, however and a good basking rock = turtle bliss.

As a general tip when choosing a tank, bear in mind that R.E.S (and some other Sliders) can grow to 12″ long if female, and although males grow slightly smaller, a tank of 100 gallons is recommended for a single adult. So it is best to purchase a tank larger than you will need to allow for room to grow, unless you want to be buying a new enclosure every year.


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