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Q: What small exotic mammals make good pets? (Something ideally under $150)

A: Gerbils!

They are a little larger than mice, but not by much.

They’re not going to act like a cat or a domestic animal because they are prey animals.

Why they make great pets:

  • They are diurnal (not nocturnal) so they don’t make much noise at night. They’re desert animals so they are hygienic, don’t poop everywhere (or as much as other small mammals) and eat and drink less too. So not as much cleaning up after them and little to no bad order.
  • They’re also super inquisitive and playful. And fun to watch! They do the cutest things, like snuggle with each other, groom each other, play-box, sleep side by side, make nests out of soft things. They dig elaborate tunnels in their cage. They will make a new fortress every day if you give them a tube and some cardboard.
  • They never really bite, and they like humans more than other rodents. They come up to you and respond to your voice. If they like you enough, they’ll purr when you pet them! Some people say they even respond when you call their names! (but i wouldn’t count on this)

You do need to buy TWO though because they are very social and will be very depressed alone. Males tend to be a little more loving than females. You need to buy them at the same time so they don’t fight.

They also need things to chew on all the time. But that’s pretty easy. A corner of a cardboard box, toilet paper rolls, etc.

Most sell for about $10 each. A cage is a little more expensive (glass is better) and you need a wheel, a little sleeping space for them, and toys. You have to buy bedding monthly (but that’s somewhere between the $10-$30 range). And it’s fun to buy them new toyys and watch them recreate their habitat!

….I mean, c’mon!




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