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(AWESOME) Animal Fact of the Day:

Dolphin “language” is more complex than human language. They have over 6 different forms of communication:

  • Sounds and whistles used for for echolocation (aka examining the world, identifing objects)
  • Clicks which help dolphins navigate and locate prey
  • Sonar sounds which coordinate group hunting.
  • “Burst pulsed sounds” which are highly complex, include a grammatical structure, and occur when dolphins interact socially or are indicating emotional states.
  • “Signature whistles” which are basically unique names they give themselves at a young age, based on what their mother’s signature whisle sounded like. (!)
  • “Bubble streams” which they create during signature whistling.
  • Experiments have shown that they can learn human sign language to understand individual words and basic sentences. They have even been known to create THEIR own unique signs, sentences, and words.



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