About This Blog


Welcome to Undangered!

Undangered is a blog that covers all things all things furry, finned, whiskered and wild!

It’s a space in which I explore topics ranging from evolutionary biology to environmental science, ethology to veterinary medicine. It’s also a place where you can learn fun (and funny) facts about animals, check out animal-related videos, pictures and websites, or share thoughts and questions of your own. 

Undangered is much more than just a basic Q  & A forum; my goal here is to create a place of learning, insight, and inspiration.

This is a blog that aims to connect with other like-minded animal lovers, science nerds and inquisitive folk that are interested in learning, questioning, conversing and sharing important information about the animal world.

  • Interested in learning something new? For some cool, quirky and quick animal facts, check out the Neat Facts section!
  • Want to find (or share) some insightful, silly or noteworthy videos or links? Browse through some of these News, Links & Articles
  • For a broad range of topics on biology, ethology, evolution, anthropology and more, take a look at the Animal Studies category or search by species under The Animal Kingdom
  • For more in-depth subjects and queries, peruse my Question & Answers section, which offers advice and answers to a wide range of questions and topics. My aim is to provide thoroughly researched, comprehensive, and accurate answers to your questions–and sprinkle in some new facts, materials, or personal insights along the way!
  • Have specific of your own question in mind? Feel free to contact me at Ask Ava, or just fill out the form below: 

*Please Note: This blog is still under construction. Please be patient as it undergoes changes and updates. Certain sections and links are still being developed, and others are unavailable at this time. The Question / Answer section is fully active, however, and I’d be happy to take any questions, comments, or suggestions!



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