About Me

Along with my own personal experience as a pet-owner and foster “parent” to many animals, I’ve also worked at zoos and sanctuaries. I have volunteered for multiple local animal shelters, and have also worked as a veterinary technician with both domestics and exotics.


I have my BA in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Psychology. As an undergrad, I based my core curriculum on two overlapping studies in psychology: human and non-human development and cognition.

Starting next fall, I hope to enter an MA program in Psychology and Animal Behavior/Comparative Psych, become a licensed and practicing therapist, and eventually work towards my PhD (or PsyD) in a more specific field.

My Comparative Psychology (animal) courses focused on the  thinking, behavior, and development of “emotionally intelligent” animals, while my Developmental Psychology (child psych) subjects  centered around infant to adolescent stages of growth,  learning processes, social/identity formation, and brain development.

Currently, I am studying to take my G.R.E.’s while working on completing grad school applications for next year.

Work & Research Experience w/ Animals:

Along  with my own personal experience as a pet-owner and foster “parent” to  dogs, cats, I have also worked for  zoological/wildlife organizations as an animal behaviorist and  veterinary technician.

I’ve helped, studied and handled animals in a range of settings including from care  for neonatal kittens to wildlife rehabilitation for birds of prey eagles, owls. Much of my work has consisted of behavioral modification for both birds and severe canine abuse/rescue cases. I also have experience in veterinary care for  geriatric animals.


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