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Can animals think in words?

Can animals think in some way other than imagining sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings? And, if so, what forms might those ideas take? Good question! No, animals cant think in “words” per se—unless by words you mean “language.” “Can animals think in language” (at least in the limited sense we understand language) is a … Continue reading


Is it Possible the Gorilla at the Cincinatti Zoo was aping human’s care of children which is why he sat him upright and Pulled up His Pants Before Dragging Him?

  I’m going to redirect you to an article I recently posted (written by someone else) which directly covers this question from the perspective of someone who worked with gorillas, (as well as many other questions about the gorillas behavior that day). But first, I’d like to say that while I have not worked directly … Continue reading